Located 5 minutes’ walk from the Urgup town center, Feza Hotel features free Wi-Fi throughout the venue and free parking.
The family-run Hotel Elvan is located near Urgup’s center and is a restored old Greek house.
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Monte Cappa Cave House is a small cave hotel in Cappadocia and offers comfort to travelers in 5 different rooms consisting of 3 stone arch rooms, 1 cave room and 1 stone arch-cave room all with private bathrooms.
At Monte Cappa, you can spend hours reading your book, newspaper or surfing the internet from your laptop or you are at leisure to simply listen to the chirping birds and savor Cappadocia beyond comparison from the atrium or terrace overlooking Dereköyler Valley and surrounding mountains.
Monte Cappa provides full support and consultancy to guests who plan to discov
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er the Cappadocia region by means of a hot air balloon ride, daily guided tours, Turkish night shows and whirling dervishes ceremony, trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, motor, jeep safari which are all organised by professional companies. In order to pave the way to join hot air balloon rides and daily guided tours, related companies provide free transport to and from Monte Cappa with special shuttle vehicle.
The management mindset of Monte Cappa is purely based upon quality, comfort and tailor made service to measure the diverse requirements of each guest.

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Monte Cappa Cave House est un hôtel de caverne en Cappadoce et offre confort aux voyageurs dans ses 5 chambres dont 3 ont des plafonds voûtées, 1 suite caverne et 1 chambre caverne avec plafond voûtée.
Au Monte Cappa, vous pouvez passer des heures à lire votre livre, journal ou surfer sur internet avec votre ordinateur portable. Vous êtes aussi libre de simplement écouter le chant des oiseaux et savourer Cappadoce de l'atrium ou le terrasse donnant sur la vallée Dereköyler et les montagnes environnantes.
Monte Cappa fournit un support complet et de conseil aux clients qui envisagent de découvrir la région de Cappadoce avec un vol en montgolfière, des visites guidées quotidiennes, des spectacles de soirée Turcs et la cérémonie des derviches tourneurs, trekking, vélo tout terrain (VTT), équitation, moteur, jeep safari, qui sont tous organisés par des compagnies professionnelles. Afin de faciliter la voie pour rejoindre des vols en montgolfière et des visites guidées quotidiennes, des entreprises liées assurent le transport gratuit de et vers Monte Cappa avec véhicule navette spéciale.
La mentalité de gestion de Monte Cappa est purement basée sur la qualité, le confort et l’adaptation des services sur mesure aux diverses exigences de chaque client.
CappaVilla cave hotel offers a spectacular view of Cappadocia valley, coupled with an unrivaled sunset and a breathtaking view of the morning sky filled with hot air balloons. You will be greated with a complimentary drink of local wine, after which you can enjoy our outdoor swimming pool or you may try the turkish bath within our beautiful Cave SPA. Cappa Villa is the only hotel in Cappadocia that is situated in such natural envirenment while offering you the Luxuries of a premium cave resort.
Cappadocia started forming 60 million years ago with the eruptions of the volcanoes and then the wind & the rain. Whilst the nature formed the Fairy Chimneys, mankind have carved houses and churches in these rock formations and decorated them with frescoes; which formed an important part of Cappadocia's history.

Cappadocia's convenient location and geo-political importance made the region an important base for the early Christian communities to hide away from the persecutions. In time, the region became so convenients that it was also a major route and a cross road of the ancient Silk Road.
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The last Christians of Cappadocia left the region in 1920s with the population exchange leaving behind most beautiful examples of arhitecture.

Assiana Cave House is one of the houses left behind the population exchange. We have completed a restoration with all respect to its history, and saluted our first guests in 2006. With our breathing rock rooms, comfortable and cozy arched rooms we tried to harmonize the old & the new with a touch of Urgup's beauty.

Hosting with a total of 7 rooms, we sincerely hope that you feel the 'land of beautiful horse' like your home land enjoy the fairy tales of Cappadocia.

It is also my honor to be elected the District Chief and have the duty to preserve the authenticty of our district.

The erosion of Cappadocia is a continuing process and the landscape changes continuously. You may enjoy this with a balloon trip, or a horse-ride, or even a hike thru the valleys.
Experience troglodyte life in a cave room with all the modern age amenities. The stablishment was a ancient settlement area with living quarters, store rooms, pigeon houses and even a barn. Later renovated as a well known hotel with existing rock carved designs and all natural elements of its time.
Located in the heart of Cappadocia, easy access to all historical sites.

It has been and still is, an old settlement area registered by UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel's living quarters are dating back 300+ years.
After the initial restoration, it started serving as a hotel in 1986, the f
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irst of its kind, a cave hotel. In the opening ceremony, the President of The Republic of Turkey took place and Alfina was awarded with a "special class hotel" certificate. In 2007, the latest renovation was completed and Alfina Cave Hotel brought the higher quality for her guests as a standard amenity.
By 2010, hotel has expanded to 41 rooms with the addition and the restoration of the adjacent historical properties.

In every part of the hotel you can see the stone and rock carving masterpieces, traditionally produced iron works by local ironsmiths, the hand carved furnitures are selected carefully from the various parts of the country.
Tasting the award winning local wines to local attraction arrangements, carefully chosen historical cuisines, to organically grown fruit trees in its garden, from registered archeological artifacts in its private exhibition, to very experienced and cordial staff, Alfina Cave Hotel has been and will be serving for her guests in anyway possible as the leader of the new concept of the accomodation.
A blend of Past and Present in Cappadocia

This special class hotel features Seljuk architecture and guest rooms decorated with antiques and Turkish handicrafts.
Featuring a 300-year-old Greek house, this cave hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia. Melis Cave Hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool and a terrace with beautiful views of the natural surroundings.

The authentic rooms of the hotel are decorated with wooden furniture. They all include LCD TV, free Wi-Fi and a private patio. Guests can enjoy the views of surrounding villages from their rooms.

Traditional Turkish breakfast is served in the green garden of Hotel Melis Cave. Drinks are also available at the pool bar.

The hotel can arrange hot air balloon rides nearby. Guests can ha
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ve a thrilling balloon ride over the deep valleys and the fairy chimney rock formations of Cappadocia.
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